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Winnipeg Foggy Window Repair Cloudy Window Replacement Window Restoration


Added on Apr 24, 2015

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Foggy windows Winnipeg found at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yjMB4l5IHnE Window Medics Winnipeg 14 Bromley Place Winnipeg, Manitoba R3T 3S5 http://www.repairwindowswinnipeg.com Are the windows in your home looking like this? If they are, this video will tell you the number one thing you need to avoid to save yourself hundreds of dollars. But first, let's talk about why this happens. The double pane windows in your home will eventually fail. The window seal will crack due to the expansion and contraction of your window because of outdoor temperature changes.  Moisture will enter the window and cause this foggy window effect. It may take several years for this to occur with quality built windows however cheaper windows will fail sooner.  Regardless of what type of windows you have in your home, you want to fix this unsightly foggy situation.  After all, what good is a window if you can not see through it??

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