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Shredders Of The People - Sol Mates


Added on Jul 3, 2014

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Click: http://www.sotpband.com  SOTP: Jack Locker: Rhythm Guitar, Duncan MacFarlane: Vox, Blake Price: Lead Guitar, Joey Oddo: Bass, Ty Dennis: Drums / Sol Mates music video Thanx to feat Yana Rusakevich, a talented theatrical performer who's like a modern day Joan of Arc but from Belarus. Special Thanx to Benyeuda (Tomer) -- the "Anteater sign" (Brazil), Roger Manrique -- the "Giant Anteater crossing" (Venezuela), Bio-tours available at: www.andigena.org John Mannette -- '71 Buick Skylark convertible (USA). Video Editing by Tom Daniels.Copyright 2014 All Rights Reserved. SOTPBAND.COM

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